Is Lying Is A Cooperative Act? Essay

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What are the two truths about lying mentioned in the video? Which truth do you agree with the more? less? Have you seen an example of this elsewhere?
According to the video, there are two truths about lying. One truth is that lying is a cooperative act. Meyer explained that power emerges within a lie when someone else agrees to believe the lie. According to lie spotters, if a person gets lied to it is due to them agreeing to be lied to. It was also stated in the video that we are willing participants of deception for a number of reasons, other times we are unwilling participants. When a lie is told the truth is misrepresented in order to deceive others (Meibauer, 2011).
The second truth about lying is that we are against lying and are covertly for it. Although it has been sanctioned, it has become a part of our history and culture. Meyer also mentioned that lying has evolutionary value to us as a species. The more intelligent the species, the more likely it is to be deceptive. I find it quite interesting that deception is even sometimes displayed in animals. For example, if they are under extreme and limited conditions male fishes sometimes display deception among other male fishes when it comes to mate selection. For instance, males might modify their preferences for a high quality mate in order to reduce the costs of direct male competition (Sergio Castellano & Pilastro, 2016) .
While both truths are quite believable, I think I believe and can relate more to the first…

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