Is Jesus Christ Or The Messiah? Essay examples

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Today, we look for signs from God for the decisions whether good or bad. Especially when time are tough and begin to question, why is it happening to me God? God are you testing me? These question arise because we do not have faith. Our faith is lost because we do not believe. Therefore, we must answer who is Christ? Christ can be describe as a Savior, Messiah, Son of God, Deliverer, and Redeemer. Christ to me is The Messiah and Teacher because he is the anointed one Chosen by God to lead us to salvation through him. Also, he is a teacher to teach us the Good Lord teachings in Christ. On the subject, Jesus Christ has many names though one name is Christ or Messiah. The definition of Messiah is a King who will be sent by God to save the Jews or A person who is expected to save people from a bad situation (Merriam-Webster, n.d.). John the Baptist preach about Jesus calling him Son of God or Messiah. Messiah means “anointed” in the sense of one Chosen by God for a task, in this case for bringing of God’s Kingdom (Gundry, 2012). The amount of responsibilities for God Kingdom rest on Jesus shoulder carrying a cross for our sins. Today, people are fighting for Christ through the airwaves to television. Christ and Christianity are taken away, due to the political correctness and not the truth of Christ. Evangelical Christians uses Messiah as they do in the New Testament. The miracles or signs are a symbol for who is Jesus by his Miracles. Yes, miracles of Jesus seen by…

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