Is It Possible For Journalists? Essay

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Is it possible for journalists to be objective?

The objectivity in journalism helps the audience to make up their mind about a story and decide what they want to believe. In this essay I’ll be discussing how journalists can’t be objective as they will be biased on a personal or professional preference. The definition of objectivity ‘requires that a journalist not be on either side of an argument. They must report only facts and not a personal attitude or view towards the facts or story.’ The idea behind why journalists can’t be objective is because ‘every good journalist is informed about what the subjects they cover and it would be near-impossible to be informed and not have an opinion.’

News is meant to inform the public about events around the world however journalists have the power to choose which story and what evidence is used. According to Tony Harcup news is ‘a selective version of world events with a focus on that which is news and/or unusual.’ On that basis objectivity cannot be achieved because it is not even taken into consideration when a story is covered but also what process is taken to choose that potential story. The most shared and major news themes tend to involve stories ‘that make you laugh and those that make you angry’ (Janine Gibson). An example of this is any inclusion of ‘Muslim’ in the headline or story will make a story more shareable.

The news tells us what is good and bad for us which leads to changing our opinions based on someone else’s…

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