Is It Possible For Indians And English? Essay

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Is it possible for Indians and English people to become friends and tolerate each other 's differences? These differences include race, power, and religion. Can they, in a larger sense, unite together in friendship through collectivism and dharma? The answer is not obtained through the text, A Passage To India, by E.M. Forster; instead, the reader must observe the text and decide an answer to these questions. Through observations, the reader learns that it is necessary that all living creatures overcome their differences in order to have a peaceful life. Whether a person is Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, or muslim, it is necessary to overcome the difficulty of the English and Indian friendship and live in unity. Through complexion and intuition, Forster takes the reader on a journey in a cave. There Forster uses a rape trial to depict social, political, and cultural forces between the English and Indian civilizations. The novel is almost created as an attempt to bring the East and West closer; however, the novel primarily allows the reader to think about their ideals of the world and themselves throughout three expansive parts of the novel in A Passage To India. The novel allows readers to observe stereotypes, and assumptions of character that invade his or her treatment of individuals different than themselves. The ideal representation behind the novel, that is learned by the reader, is his or her existence within life. For some reason, it is human nature to separate…

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