Is It A Good Or Bad? Essay

1695 Words Dec 8th, 2015 null Page
Since the beginning of time there have been all types of people in the world. You have, modest people, smart people, wild people, egotistical people, and selfish people amongst many other kinds. What it all comes down to in reality is whether we are categorized in the eyes of society as good or bad people. Generally thinking about it, policemen, firemen, and doctors for example are typically seen as the good kind of people. This is due to the service they provide or are supposed to provide to the public. On the other end people like, pedophiles, burglars, and murderers are seen as the bad kind of people. This is due to the negative harm they do, by making others victims of their actions. Whether we realize it or not, everything as of the minute we come into this world, affects who we essentially end up becoming. Every good person has things in their life that have caused them to want to be a good person. Being viewed as good or bad is ultimately a choice. Just like good people have things that cause them to want to be good, bad people have things in their life that have caused them to decide to portray this negative image. Our typical expectations when it comes to people viewed positively by society is that, these people will all be good, they will all protect us, they will not harm us, and they will be as good as expected. The harshening reality of things is that it is not always like that. Not all cops are there to protect you, not all family members have good intent…

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