Is It A Failure Now At The Time? Essay example

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While I do not consider it a failure now at the time I was definitely frustrated with myself and considered it a failure. When repeated my junior year I was not only pissed off at myself but I was ashamed that I was not able to complete the school year. Time heals most wounds and as many long months passed I was slowly able to move my focus off of the self-loathing and onto the positives in a less than ideal situation. The fact of the matter was that I was not prepared for my senior year at all, both emotionally and academically since I had missed so much school that year.
I repeated my junior year due to the fact that I missed close to two-thirds of school due to a medical condition. Since eighth grade up until the present, I have gotten five concussions, some of them where I was knocked unconscious for several minutes. Not only did this impact my school work because of the many days I missed, but it also affected my connections with friends, my physical fitness and sadly most of all my mental state. As the number of concussions rose my mood decreased, I feel deeper each day into a black abyss of depression and by late fall in 2014 I stopped going to school altogether. The depression was crippling, the pain I felt in the coming months was like nothing I have ever experienced before. My body ached, I stopped eating and tried to stop feeling by sleeping for close to twelve hours a day. When I was awake and was able to feel all I felt was pain, shame and a deep hatred of…

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