Is It A Concept Older Than Any Society Or Religion? Essay

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Marriage is a concept older than any society or religion. It has gone through many changes through history and across the world. The idea of what defines a marriage has really heated up during the 20th century. In the late 60’s there was some scuttles with the police and gay areas in Ontario and New York. These started to lay a foundation down of what right a government has to interfere with a group of people that are causing no harm Through the 70 's the HIV/AIDS crisis came unfolding many ideas about the gay community. Before gay groups lived on the margins of cities not much interacting with the government. Many people suddenly saw their family members fall ill after constantly going out to questionable parts of the city. At the time the idea of being gay was heavily tied into having multiple partners. Yet as the bodies began to pile up and the government was ignoring the issue, many began to move away from this lifestyle of multiple partners in favor of monogamy. . HIV/AIDS was ironically the main catalyst that basically started the equality movement. When gays were turned away from the hospitals as their partner were dying, they began to ask why they weren 't considered a spouse. If they shared property, money, and everything else then why couldn 't they? They began to seek change and as with most change the government was quick to crack down. This time period saw many states ban gay marriage in their constitution during the late 90’s. Many studies were published and as…

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