Human Progress Research Paper

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Human progress is inevitable when it comes to using one’s reason to make sense of the world in which they live in. It is human nature to question everything, which results in an individual questioning of societal attitudes and values as well as their own. The following essay will explore the themes of human progress sub categorised by slavery, reason, nature and inequality and how they relate to today’s world.
Human progress follows new advancements of every sphere that have been implemented to make our lives easier however in doing so human progress goes far beyond destroying everything. Condorcet argues that progress is inevitable and through the use of science and technology both humans and their societies will always become better ultimately
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Rousseau disputes legal power among mankind forms as a result of man having no innate power over fellow creatures therefore strength offers no right. “From how many crimes, wars and murders, from how many horrors and misfortunes might not any one have saved mankind” (Symonds, 2016 pg. 20). Indicative of crimes committed under power of governments and individuals with money who can choose to inflict any amount of punishment to another. Condorcet reflects on slavery thus predicting in the new world slavery will be abolished leading to equal rights for all which leads to progress. “For the efforts of tyrants and priests to prevent them from penetrating by degrees into the miserable cottages of their slaves” (Symonds, 2016 pg. 5). This represents reason which is ultimately born from education as a way to free slave people hence preventing dictatorship and religion from stifling an individual of freedom. Slavery occurs everywhere from begging to trafficking. When power and slavery will be abolished that will be the day human progress will truly occur with every person being valued and of equal …show more content…
Both philosophers imply that education is critical and inevitably will lead to one using rationality instead of conforming to norms which will result in change and mankind to progress in future. Condorcet says, there are two methods whereby reason can occur one being, ‘technical methods’ (Symonds, 2016 pg. 6) the other being, ‘the institution of a universal language’ (Symonds, 2016 pg.6) which solidifies his belief of education allowing reason to occur for all individuals. It is critiqued that mankind will never enjoy freedom and never have the opportunity to use their judgement (Symonds, 2016 pg.4). Rousseau says, “It is reason that endangers self-respect, and reflection that confirms it: it is reason which turns man’s mind back upon itself, and divides him from everything that could disturb or afflict him” (Symonds, 2016 pg. 17). Rousseau implies rationality affects the view of how an individual views their own respect furthermore leads them to conform to societal reason for situations thus, freedom is significantly reduced. Education is central to the idea of rationality however, in the poorest regions of the world education is denied especially, to women which alters their perspectives of the world. Human progress occurs with distinguishing between what is right and wrong which gives an individual the opportunity to

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