Is Google Making Us Stupid? Essay

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When the article ‘Is Google making us stupid?’ by Nicholas Carr in 2008, it ignited plenty of debates from different medias and scholars. Although, Nicholas primarily focused on Google, the general consensus is that he was using Google as a cover for internet. His inspiration foe writing the article was because of his difficulty in concentration while reading long texts. He found out that the internet was capable of having a far greater consequence on our comprehension and learning capacities. The internet and various technological advances have changed the way we conceive various actions and do business (Cheong& Park, 2005 p. 63). Data from the Internet world stats shows that the number of people with access to internet grew by over 500% from 2002 to 2012 (Internet World Stats, 2013, p.6). Using the internet to read has very many advantages, which include acquiring of quality rich content, variety of reading materials, saving on cost, efficiency and conception (Filder, 2004,p.44; McPherson, 2005, p.33). However, using the internet also has demerits such as poor long and short term memory, reduced concentration levels and reduced comprehension (Zawilinski & Len, 2007, p.19).
There is very little research that has been conducted on how reading online has changed the reading pattern of humans (Liu, 20005, p.5). The few available ones focuses on new methods of literacy approach and its main target are small children who have just started school such as Dobler and Coiro (2007,…

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