Disadvantages Of Google

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The article “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” by Nicholas Carr is discuss about how Google changing him in different ways. Carr used his own experience to help the reader to understand the article and also support his agreement. In the article, Carr mention that he spending a lot of time online such as Google. Spend time on Google may have some disadvantages, for example, it makes him cannot focus on long lengthy articles. In Carr’s article he also list a lot of examples and details that is about the difference between now and the past based on using Google and how Google change him. But I think Google can have both disadvantageous and advantageous; in fact, technology makes our life easier in many different ways but it has also changed our thinking. I think the author make a clear thesis statement in the article, and I agree with Carr’s statement that google is making us stupid.
Nicholas Carr is the
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Internet has a wide range of information; for example, it allows us to know the news or the information that is happening in another country. We can use Google as a learning tools, it teaches us a lot of things.
Google also has three disadvantages. The first disadvantage is we cannot concentrate. Google can search almost everything for us, so which means we will lose the ability to find out the information and summarize the information that we need by our own. When we using Google, there is a lot of pictures and advertisements will pop up on the screen. Which means that we will get disturbing and cannot focused on the articles that we were reading.
The second disadvantage is that we cannot focus on the books or one thing for a long time. When we spend a long period of time on the Internet, and we will be disturbed easily and skip pages very often. Many of us are losing our ability to focus on the book and we try to skip pages after a period of time, because we usually can find the information that we need on the Internet very easy and

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