Essay about Is God A God?

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If we ask the question what is God like, one can only say,” Awesome” to those who believe in him. If we look into ourselves and seek the goodness in ourselves, then we shall know who God is. Truly, the personal relationship one has with God intertwined allows the person to fully understand who and what God means to them. In terms of a definition of God is he is the infinite being and to fully answer the question of who he is starting, with God’s Word to seek what he is like. In order to seek God’s love, it’s stated as, “May we all wholeheartedly continue to seek after Him” (Jeremiah 29:13). The tools necessary for knowing who God begins with seeking the word, prayer, fellowship, and conversing with Him in order to know what is God like, who he is, and the purpose he had for mankind created in his image.
With attention to, God’s characteristics he is first the Trinity (one God who exists in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). The characteristics in God are holy, good, loving, jealous, faithful and just. The characteristics in God are in us as well, so, when we disobey God and lose sight of his word, then natural we experience pain and suffering without him. “As written in the bible, “There is none holy as the LORD: for there is none beside thee: neither is there any rock like our God” (1 Samuel 2:2). God, omnipotence, goodness, and eternal nature are the creation of God.
As an illustration, his creation of the universe written in Genesis 1 and 2 illustrated a…

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