Is Ghostbusters ( 2016 ) A Racist, Sexist Movie? Essays

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Is Ghostbusters (2016) a racist, sexist movie?
While researching the topic of social responsibilities of popular culture creators, I found the ongoing backlash against the rebooted movie Ghostbusters (2016) a vivid example. Long before the official Ghostbusters trailers were released, controversies against its casting, storytelling and production had already been heated on social media. Bringing together two sources in this essay, an review article by John Nolte and the official poster of Ghostbusters (2016), I will present one example of society’s concerns about the movie’s sexism and racism through analyzing rhetorical strategies used in the two sources and how the images presented in the poster was interpreted and responded by Nolte.
Writer and movie critic, John Nolte, in his article on The Daily Wire, “‘Ghostbusters (2016)’s Review: Racist, Man-Hating Mediocrity” compared the contents of and the public reac- tions toward the old and remake versions of Ghostbusters, and further criticized the new movie’s irresponsible sexist and racist content. Nolte’s purpose is to convey the idea that for a remake movie of a legendarily beloved and meaningful franchise, the new Ghostbusters movie not only forfeits the good traits of the original one that made the old movie a generational phenomenon, but also regresses with its racist depiction of uneducated stereotypical black women and misrep- resentation of feminism.
Nolte opened his contention with a humorous comparison with a…

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