Essay on Is Football A Dangerous Sport?

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The video Big Hits, Broken Dreams revolved around Concussions and Traumatic Brain Injuries of high school football athletes. It is something that athletes are all too familiar with on a daily basis. Just one single hit could end up being more fatal than anyone would think about. Concussions are very common with those who play rigorous sports because of the constant person-to-person contact or even contact of the object they play with, like a football. One issue with this is the idea of do the risks outweigh the benefits to young people playing sports. That brings up the question of how dangerous is football really? Football is one of the leading sports when relating it to head injuries. Even the coach Todd Lipe said, “It is an inherently dangerous sport and when football first started they tried to outlaw it” (CNN 2014). It is the constant tackling and defending that can lead to an improper or too hard of a hit that can be fatal, especially when involving a persons head. Many athletes don’t realize how serious a hit to the head can be. Most of them end up not even getting checked out before continuing to play because they think they are okay and it is just a headache. Another question could be how serious should these head injuries be taken? From a big hit to a small hit, all hits should be treated the same way. When it comes to the head and brain you can never be too safe. In past years it was not mandatory to have a certified athletic trainer on sight of practices and…

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