Is Falling In Love With AI A True Love Essay

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Have you seen the movie ‘Her’? The hero fell in love with his newly purchased operating system that is designed to meet his every need. There’re also a great many movies which reveals the similar plot, such as ‘Ex Machine’ and ‘Edward Scissorhands’. In fact, this situation not only appears in the films but also around us. A boy named Gus, who suffers from autism, loses his heart to the Siri system of his smartphone. He said ‘morning’ and ‘Good night’ to his Siri every day. What’s even crazier? He proposed to his Siri more than once. Therefore, a question came to my mind: Is falling in love with AI a true love? It is a delicate question that different people may have diverse kinds of opinions. But to my way of thinking, it isn’t a real love on account of three aspects: The definition of love, the characteristics of love and online dating.
Firstly, what’s a love? In Wikipedia, we can find that love is a variety of different feelings, states and attitudes that
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Netizens cited examples to prove the similarity of those two kinds of love. For instance, no matter AI or net lovers, you can’t even see their entities. So there’re a few people believed that the existence of online dating demonstrates the factuality of that love to AI. In spite of the resemblances between those two in some ways, we just concentrate on the results of online dating. According to the research conducted online, basically most of online couples broke up since dating each other. There is also a new sentence coming out to describe the phenomenon called dead on arrival (Dead after exposed to the light) in China. However, genuine love is unconditional. You won’t abandon your partner because of such tiny issues. Additionally, it is impossible for true love to fall apart easily. Therefore, that’s not a real love at all, but your imagination to your

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