Is Ethnicity Socially Constructed? Essay

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Ethnicity; a form of classification that’s primary focus is birth place, but is nonetheless based upon all aspects of social background including national identity, language, and in broader terms, sharing essential cultural values. Although, the prospects for which it is based upon are objective facts, in this essay we will be critically analysing: to what extent is ethnicity socially constructed? In order to answer the question, we will look what is a social construct; how’s and why’s ethnicity is constructed, and thus evaluate the importance of ethnicity.
First and foremost, we consider the phrase of “social construct”; it is clearly evident that it illustrates a negative perception of the notion of ethnicity as the connotations around “construct” suggest it to be work of make-belief. Although to some extent, it is valid that it is not something that is substantially true nor “independently existent” (lectures) in itself, it should not be used to disrepute the significance of the subject. Granted it is a “construct”, philosophically speaking, it is an idea that has substantial effects on people’s lives, and thus is just as real and existent as anything of matter, and deserves to be justly scrutinised due to the various effects that is has on the material world.
Ethnicity was shown to be a very real concept when utilised by Stalin and the Soviet Union to reclassify proletariats in reconstructing and radically transforming a society. Stalin used it to great effects as a…

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