Essay about Is Education Necessary For Education?

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In K-12 education there has always been too much emphasis on “test scores”, and not enough emphasis on the learning aspect of education. Most people that have ADHD, or an anxiety of tests, know everything before and after the text, but not during the actual test. Many people need and use special accommodations such as testing in a separate area, using extended time, or not even having a time limit. These accommodations help somewhat, but not very much. There needs to be a way for schools to put less emphasis on testing.

The state is making the teachers teach their students material in classes that is not needed to pass the class or even relevant. Leah Meeks, a student at Washtenaw Community College (WCC) stated, “I completely agree. The state is teaching material the is not needed, or used in any aspect of our lives. Not only in math but in any subject.” Many people would agree with Leah because many things being taught in class will never be needed again. However, some will argue from a psychological standpoint that the more words people learn, whether or not they know the meaning of them, will make students smarter because their vocabulary will be larger and thus increasing their IQ. Even so, for those who have a hard time testing, this will confuse them even more because they have to study the material that is relevant on top of the other unnecessary material.

Students learn to “game” the teacher’s tests after a few weeks into the class. Students do this by…

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