Essay on Is Dyslexia A Learning Difference?

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Dyslexia is a learning difference, a combination of strengths and weaknesses which affects the learning process in reading, spelling, writing, and sometimes numbers. (H. T. I., & MARK, B. Q 1974) The next thing is the cause of dyslexia. Which is the defective migration patterns can lead to several types of development defects such as this. (O 'Brien, J. C., & Solomon, J. W. 2011) Sometimes certain conditions only happen in certain sexes or certain cultures. But with dyslexia it is different. It happens to show up in every culture equally and also in both males and females. 5-10% of the population has this condition. The signs and symptoms of this very among each person. (Pennala, R 2013)
Besides some of the most obvious symptoms such as reading and writing being off there is several more. They usually fail to learn to read by the age they should. The list of signs and symptoms of this condition depending on the person can be 2 or it can be all. A few are difficulty understanding the individual sounds in words, remembering words, when they write letters the may be written backwards, and they can also have a difficulty telling time. (Pennala, R 2013)
This condition can be very hard to diagnose but detecting early warning signs can be helpful. The way they determine if a child has dyslexia is to test to the strength and weaknesses in oral language, reading, spelling, and writing through several different kinds of test. (ASLAN, Y. y. 2016) The prognosis of dyslexia just depends…

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