Persuasive Essay On Dyslexia

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Dyslexia is an inherited condition that makes it extremely difficult to read, write, and spell in your native language, despite having an at least average intelligence. Dyslexia is very common, but has only been talked about in recent years. It was 1878 when German neurologist, Adolph Kussmaul, first used the phrase “word blindness” describing what we know as dyslexia today. The word dyslexia was first used by Rudolf Berlin of Stuttgart, Germany, in 1887 to describe the inability to read. In 1905 W.E. Burner published the first report of childhood reading difficulties in the U.S.. It was not until 1925 that an American neurologist Dr. Samuel T. Orton proposed the first theory of how specific reading difficulty arose. That was the true breakthrough …show more content…
Since there is little that can be done to prevent dyslexia, especially if it runs in your family. Early identification and treatment can reduce its effects. The sooner children with dyslexia get special education services, the fewer problems they will have to face with learning to read and write at grade level. If you are a parent with a child that has been diagnosed with dyslexia there are a few things that you could do to lessen your child 's difficulties with learning. First by understanding what dyslexia is. By understanding the symptoms of dyslexia, you can help in early detection and timely intervention. Early interventions have been shown to be more successful in achieving long-term improvements in learning abilities of a child with dyslexia. Also, providing your child with the right nutrition can help. It will not prevent dyslexia but proper nutrition can prevent any other factor which may impact learning. Reading to and oth your child can greatly improved their reading abilities. Start reading to your child from as early as possible. Listening to recorded books, rhymes and stories with a young child, and with an older child you can read stories and other books with them after they hear them. This helps not only to monitor your child’s development but will also enhance your child’s reading abilities. Talking with your child 's doctor can help majorly. They can help you with different treatments and monitoring your child 's

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