Is Doctor A Doctor? Essay

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Doctor, Doctor I have a sore throat! Oh where is the Doctor? He’s lying dead on the floor!
“In the USA we lose over 400 physicians per year to suicide. That’s the equivalent of an entire medical school “Kevin Over the past there have been millions of physicians death; not naturally or accidentally however presumed as an accident. How do you feel about this issue? A doctor is the one person we all depend on to keep us alive when we are ill but they themselves don’t have anyone to keep them alive! It’s utterly contradictory and ironic don’t you think?
“For several decades now, studies have consistently shown that physicians have higher rates of suicide than the general population – 40 percent higher for male doctors and a staggering 130 percent higher for female doctors.”
Why is this happening I asked myself? We live in a developed country and our health services are quite advanced to identify and treat issues like these. A doctor being a doctor knows well about what is wrong with them than anyone else then why aren’t they seeking help? Shockingly the answer is pretty outrageous; Doctors don’t seek psychiatric care because mental illness is reportable to the medical board and could result in losing their licence and putting their career in jeopardy!
I don’t know about you but I am pretty appalled by this fact, hence I myself dream of becoming a doctor one day and hearing these alarming facts I am slightly put off. It is estimated that by the end of this…

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