Essay on Is College Worth The Debt?

1916 Words Jun 1st, 2016 null Page
Each year, millions of students face the hardest question of their lives, college or not. Unfortunately, due to the cost of overall cost, many students, and their families struggle with this decision. In the United States, college tuition and fees have raised considerable over the last decade and show no sign of stopping. Taking out loans larger than most will every pay for a car, students are accumulating sizeable amounts of debt. Predicted that in coming years companies will demand higher qualified workers is placing a lot of pressure on students; leaving them without many options. With limited aid available, countless are wondering if it is enough to make college worth the debt. Finding a way to ensure students receive higher education at lower cost is a necessity. Other countries are providing little to no-cost tuition, but the United States seems to be at an impasse on trying to make college affordable. Fortunately, several states over the last couple of years have started to design and implement plans to help with the rising cost of tuition. Thinking free education would be impossible to fund many groups believe it is a waste to try, but students need assistance freeing themselves from the overwhelming college debt. The United States is a great nation with forward thinkers; we need to put our heads together to make universities free for those willing to accept the challenge.
Throughout the last decade, the rate of tuition has gone up significantly, and it…

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