Is College For Everyone? Essay

805 Words Sep 22nd, 2015 4 Pages
Pharinet’s short essay, “Is College for Everyone?” appeared in an blog. She explains that college will not be for every person since some aren’t willing to learn or even cares about learning in college. Student determination towards continuing with college is simply because it has become the norm for today’s society, their parents urge them to, and the many ways on how receive financial aid. There’s a very seldom number of students that continue after high school with college who genuinely want to learn and give it all their effort. Pharinet also states that many of the students who enroll in college do not belong or graduate, mainly because someone may not always be completely prepared for the next step in schooling. However, Pharinet believes that not everybody happens to be meant for college; she shows that she still accept as true that education exists as an essential for life by her statement, “you won’t get anywhere without your education.” (Pharinet). Pharinet uses emotion, logic, and reason throughout her short essay giving very valid arguments and explanations on why some students should not attend college.
Through Pharinet’s short essay she uses vague examples of ethos. She could have done a better job with her authority as a teacher which would contribute in the direction of better examples of reason. Obviously, the reader can observe that she knows a decent amount about college and the students attending, yet she only gives us one strong…

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