Is Cigarettes, And How Its Consequences On Humanity And Life?

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A question arises, what is cigarettes, and how its consequences reflects on humanity and life? A tobacco plant is being planted between other plants or in a wilderness area to be hidden from police vision and then its leaves being dried and warmed, then rolled by a rectangular paper to create a small, rounded cylinder called cigarettes, which is small in size, but have a prodigious effect. Smoking is a practice which involves combustion of this teeny rag and inhaling a toxic vapor which have a high affinity to enter the bloodstream directly and diffuses to body cells. Smoking dates back to indigenous cultures were Americans tried to search for a cure for some diseases and then the remedy being transformed gradually over the ages until it becomes a fatal pulverize which may result in a considerable number of diseases. This issue and has raise a debate between people who support this idea and who is against it. As the government leverage deteriorates by day and as there is elevation in cropping and reaping these plants the whole society is being negatively affected at three different aspects health, environment economy. Probably every smoker is well discern that smoking is not only affecting his health but even any person adjacent to him (second-hand smoke) can greatly have a negative influence on his health. According to American Heart Association (2015), “Almost one third of deaths from coronary heart disease are attributable…

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