Is Cece Not Her Real Name? Essay

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The subject, Cece (not her real name), is a 47-year-old housewife/homemaker from Pasig City who set aside her 9-year-career as soon as her first child was born in exchange of becoming a stay-at-home mother and remained so 20 years after. Her husband, a 48-year-old government employee whom she has been married to for 25 years, is the sole provider for their family of three while their 19-year-old son is still finishing his college degree. A brief face-to-face meeting regarding the nature of this paper transpired, wherein both parties determined that it is best for the interview to be conducted online via email (See the third part of this paper for the screencaps) due to practical and personal reasons. And so, one of the researchers and the interviewee exchanged emails for a few days to extensively talk about the latter’s experience as a housewife by discussing her past, present, and possible future.
When asked why the subject chose to become a housewife and what or who triggered and/or influenced such resolution, she revealed to the interviewer how her husband specifically instructed her to resign from her work in order to take care of their son and home. This may have come at a time when she had a relatively good job; however, she was ready to accept this advice and sacrifice the career aspect of her life in order to give their son the very best care possible from his infancy to adulthood. They were also financially stable as partners and she had extra savings to help in…

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