Stay At Home Fathers

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These findings differ from the study of Solomon in which the men hold fathering to be more important than their careers. The men in this study did not feel less masculine when they were laid off or left their careers; instead such of a transition that “opened their lives to a more purposeful role” (Solomon pg55). A few participants in the study made the decision to leave their jobs to become stay at home fathers. Six of the fathers in the study concluded that they were able to stay home due to their wives high salaries. Those higher salaries allowed the men to quit their jobs and allowed the family to live more of a relaxed lifestyle and not deal with financial strains.

A Pew Research study, titled ‘Growing Number of Dads Home with the Kids’,
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Stay at home father’s aide in child developmental and create a strong bond between the father and child. The overall role a father plays in the early development of a child is important. This role is beneficial to a child’s social, emotional and cognitive growth (Weiss #1). Fathers are developing a new value system in which fathers want to be more emotionally involved and have a desire to be more of an influence in their children 's lives Dr. Kyle D Pruett conducted a twelve yearlong hypothesis study on the developmental impact of young children whose fathers were their primary caregivers. The study began when the children were two to twenty- two months with their development being assessed using the Yale Provence- Gesell Developmental Schedules. Dr. Pruett’s study proves that children with the father as the primary caregiver developed seemed comfortable and attracted to stimulation from the external environment. The children were also active, competent, thriving infants that functioned above expected norms for social adaptation and problem solving (Pruett pg 20).The fifth year into the study Dr. Pruett found some differences were emerging in the level and range of the children’s emotional maturity, the quality of their human relationships, and their ability to handle the stress and strain of everyday life. Also the children who have a father as a primary nurturer seem to be more curious and interested in …show more content…
As mentioned earlier, Catherine Solomon’s study of stay at home fathers states that the participants reasoning for being a stay at home father is due to the wanting to have one parent stay at home with their children because they felt it was better for the child’s development and well-being. The Boston College Center for Work & Family 's conducted a study on stay at home fathers and observed their impact of shifting gender roles through in-depth interviews with 31 stay at home dads and surveyed 23 of their spouses. One of the questions asked was “What are the most important aspects of being a GOOD FATHER?” The three attributes “Provide love and emotional support”, “Be involved and present in your child’s life”, and “Be a teacher, guide and coach” were rated by fathers as higher in importance than the other three attributes “Provide discipline”, “Provide financial security”, and “Do your part in the day-to-day childcare tasks” (Harrington Deusen Mazar

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