Is Campus Safety A Sexual Aggression? Essay

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Every two minutes an American is sexually assaulted (Department of Justice, 2015). Although we are all encouraged to openly express our human sexuality, women are constantly walking around with the fear of being raped whether they are at home, work, or at school. With the influence of culture, religion, politics and society, America has slowly created a rape culture. A culture that has constantly found different ways to hold victims of sexual assault accountable for while male sexual violence is mainstreamed. Although growing up in a rape culture has developed several public health issues, including the violation of the human sexuality rights of females, with the assistance of government intervention we can take steps to change America’s mindset and create a world where a woman can walk with assurance that she will not be taken advantage of.

Sexual assaults that take place in college tend to occur more frequently within women, but any gender can be a victim. Campus Safety has been an ongoing issue in the past several years. “1 in 4 women in college today has been the victim of rape, and nearly 90% of them knew their rapist” (Warshaw 1988). A controversial issue has been whether or not colleges are mishandling reported campus sexual assaults. Arguments have aroused that colleges have been within violations of the federal law that has prohibits gender-based discrimination in education. Others argue that state colleges have updating their policies, educated…

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