Is Bullying A Global Crisis? Essay

1002 Words May 18th, 2016 5 Pages
Children are a very important component in society. They will inherit the many jobs and responsibilities that keep the world running therefore they should be the top priority in the minds of adults. Their uprising should be excellent and pure yet most leave their childhood with mental scars. These children turn into victims at the hands of bullying. Bullies have been present since the dawn of humanity and in many cases is to blame for unnecessary suffering especially with adolescents. The rate of victims is growing as nearly 33% of teens are bullied (“Battling Bullies”). Bullies have become an evolving threat on the playgrounds and in the halls of america 's high schools using fists, words, and keyboards to abuse and harass their victims. Their cries have been heard by parents, schools, and in the government, however contrary to popular belief nothing is done to help them. Bullying is a global crisis that can only be fixed with everyone 's help. Bullying is an evolving childhood threat for with the progression of time it finds new ways to harass targets. The oldest and most iconic form of bullying is physical abuse. This tactic has the capability to quickly hurt a victim by inflicting bodily harm on them. Although in most cases, they remain unharmed, there are examples of where teasing results in serious consequences. Twelve year old Bailey O’Niel was sent to the hospital after being attacked by a group of bullies and in a very short amount of time he was declared dead…

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