Is Boo Radley Wrong

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In my opinion, failing to arrest Boo Radley was not a wrong decision by Sheriff Heck Tate or Atticus. All Boo did was do to Bob Ewell what he does to Tom and tries to do to Scout and Jem. When arguing with Atticus about who killed Bob Ewell, Heck Tate says, “Let the dead bury the dead” (Lee 369). I think he is trying to say that Bob should be dead because of his actions, and that Bob Ewell is just paying the price for being responsible for Tom’s death. Bob is getting the punishment that he deserves. As they say, treat others the way you want to be treated. Having Boo Radley arrested would cause some problems as well. The town of Macomb currently sees Boo as an evil, crazy person, and having him arrested would just back up this statement. …show more content…
Although Atticus lost the case, everyone, including Bob Ewell knows that Tom was truly innocent. The case made it clear that Bob Ewell was the one who beat up Mayella and just accused it on an innocent man. When Atticus is questioning Mayella, the fact that Bob is just a drunk man who does not take care of his children is revealed. These things ruin Bob’s pride (although I don’t think he has any good qualities that make hime worthy of it) and having everyone see that you are a lazy drunk would make anyone angry. The case made the Ewell family look like fools and Bob wants revenge for this. He confronts Atticus, spits on him and spreads rumours about him all to prove his manliness and save his face (although I don’t think this is helping hime, but instead is making him look worse). Also, because of the was he was likely brought up, Bob Ewell probably doesn't quite understand right from wrong. He was not raised in good, fair conditions like many other people in town so he does not quite understand the you can’t treat people that badly. All that he does is just a defensive act in order for the truth to not come out. He probably went after Jem and Scout instead of directly attempting to murder Atticus because he is too much of a coward. Atticus says, “I thought he got it all out of him the day he threatened me. Even if he hadn’t, I thought he’d come after me”

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