Contrasting Views Of Tom Robinson's Trial

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Contrasting Views

The views of Tom Robinson’s trial are viewed very differently between the people in Maycomb County. The trial itself shows the hatred between black and whites in the community. People see the trial in all different angles, most of which are thought to be considered right.
The children’s view of the trial is what any innocent child would see, which is that they thought it was unfair and Tom Robinson was not guilty. The children were shocked on the way it turned out. Jem had full confidence in his father and had no doubt that they were going to win. During the trial Jem was confident in saying “...but don’t fret, we’ve won it...don’t see how any jury could convict on what we heard”(pg.279). Jem didn’t think that the
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He proves that Bob Ewell was responsible for the crime. He gave it his best shot that he could but the jury was so caught up on Tom Robinson’s skin color. Atticus was not surprised by the conviction but was mad at how racism in Maycomb county can overrule the Justice System. In court he talks about how the jury would buy into the assumption that all blacks are evil and immoral. He then states that this assumption is false and that all men are created equal no matter what skin color. The jury didn’t agree with what he had said and based it off of skin color. Atticus knew that he couldn 't do anything more to persuade the jury which bothered him but knew that he had done the right thing. Although he had not won the case he had kept the jury so long that Miss Maudie said that he had made a step in the right …show more content…
They base their beliefs solely on racism. Most townspeople believe that Tom Robinson should be killed for what he was accused of doing. There were those few people who deep down knew the truth that Tom Robinson was innocent. But those people were too afraid to admit it because they would be looked at differently by everybody in town just as Atticus was. The community was content on the verdict of the trial. Bob Ewell was very mad at Atticus and spat on him at the post office. This made Atticus afraid and nervous of Bob hurting his children. Some people such as Mr. Cunningham were not happy with the final decision because they believed Tom was innocent.
The blacks in the community had gained a lot of respect toward Atticus for standing up for Tom Robinson when he was being shunned by the whole community of Maycomb. They believed that Atticus was the only person that had a possible chance in proving Tom Robinson innocent. By the end of the trial they knew that Atticus had done enough to prove Tom innocent but the jury had thought otherwise. The black community had always been treated poorly but at this trial they felt as if they were being treated

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