Is Athletic Trainer For A Team? Essay

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blah blah … To be an athletic trainer for a team in the Olympic games is my ultimate, long term goal. Athletic training has been a part of my life for several years now but on the opposite side as an athlete. In high school I was a part of a dance company and on the high school dance team, dancing around forty plus hours a week which resulted in several injuries, because of these injuries I was able to get my first glimpse into the athletic training world. Now in college, I am working with the University of Oklahoma’s Athletic Department and more specifically the softball team. This is an amazing opportunity I am able to partake in to fully immerse myself in the athletic training world and to understand the aspects and requirements of an athletic trainer job description. Working with the Softball team as a student athletic trainer has made me realize that being an athletic trainer is what I want to have as my profession and has put me on the right pathway to begin this journey. I have a couple of short term goals and long term goals that together will help me achieve my ultimate goal of working for a U.S.A. team at the Olympic Games.

A couple of my short term goals are scoring above average on the G.R.E. (Graduate Record Examinations) and graduating college. Over the summer, before my fifth year of college, I plan to take the G.R.E. and score high enough to have a few options to choose from for my entry level masters athletic training program. I plan on…

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