Analysis: Should You Compete At The 2012 Olympics

Should You Compete?
Officially starting in 1896, the Summer Olympic games have been a national competition that was derived from ancient Greece in eighth century B.C. (History). Every four years, the most elite athletes, ranging from swimmers to ice curlers, are sent from their countries to represent them on the world stage. In the year’s prior the 2012 Olympics, there were 206 separate National Olympic Committees designed to promote and encourage athletes to partake in the games (National). Due to the legacy of the games, it is unfathomable for countries not to make an appearance. Unfortunately, several countries worldwide have neither the number of athletes nor the money to compete. Nevertheless, every country should compete at the Olympic
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Athletes train vigorously throughout the year to represent themselves and their country at the Olympics. The endless training and effort put in by the athletes channels into a high morale for the population of the athlete’s country. For smaller countries with fewer participants, the competing process is much more meaningful. In the movie Cool Runnings, the spirit of the smaller countries are showcased by its people as four athletes from Jamaica attempt to win the gold medal in team bobsled. Contrary to common belief, perform better in terms of the total population. Finland ranks at the top of the charts with 18.7 gold medals per million people living in the country (Most). In comparison, the United States doesn’t even rank in the top ten in that category (Most). This statistic results in a higher morale for the population, ultimately rejuvenating the population’s spirits. Along with smaller countries, larger countries are also heavily involved in the Olympic Game experience. Large counties, such as the United States, China and many others, made up nearly 85 percent of the 3.64 billion viewers of the London Olympics (Olympic Summer). These countries send multiple athletes towards the games and in turn have a better chance at reaching the podium. Whether you live in a small country, or a large …show more content…
It cost 14.6 billion dollars to construct all the necessary building needed for the London Olympics in 2012 and it is expect to cost even more for the upcoming Olympics (Cost). However, countries and athletes also receive billions of dollars in return. The Sochi Olympic Games generated an astounding profit of 140 million dollars (Sochi). This money comes from a combination of large corporations donating money, ad agencies, and tourism. Indeed, large corporations like Coca Cola and McDonalds donate millions of dollars towards the games and although these countries may not make a profit, they don’t lose one either. By buying into these contracts, they prevent other large companies from making money while still contributing to the games. Another way money is produced is by ad agencies buying commercial time or billboards. These agencies promote their products in several different ways but either way the Games are still making money. Tourism is a huge part of making money for the games as well. People travel all across the world to experience the attraction. Shirts, paraphernalia, and other souvenirs are sold in preparation for the Olympics (During). Athletes who exceed in the games can earn money as well. Their positive performance can earn them hundred thousand dollar endorsements or new contracts to their former teams. However you look at it, there are multiple ways the Olympics earn

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