Is All Of Twitter Fair Game For Journalists? Essay

1419 Words Nov 30th, 2015 6 Pages
Social media has created a new wave of journalists that utilize digital platforms as the basis for their articles as news travels at a rapid pace online. However, online journalists clash with the journalists who choose to work in a traditional manner as social media allows anyone with an opinion to partake in journalism. Journalists who use sources from social media in their stories, such as Twitter, face backlash from their sources and readers if journalists do not properly respect the privacy of those who are being used in articles. The main issue that causes the problems for journalists when using online resources is that there is no set of ethical guidelines that all journalists refer to when writing articles that contain social media sources. The two articles written by Amanda Hess and Stephen J.A. Ward, respectively, illustrate the problem of ethical responsibilities for journalists by providing different viewpoints on the topic, ethically appealing to the reader, and presenting examples that occur in journalism. In her Slate magazine article “Is All of Twitter Fair Game for Journalists?” Amanda Hess examines the ethics and validity of using social media as sources in journalism. Hess begins her claim by introducing a story about Christine Fox who turned to Twitter in order to expand on a news story concerning rape with her couple thousand followers. Soon Fox’s tweets were republished by Jessica Testa, a reporter from BuzzFeed, which brought further attention to Fox…

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