Essay on Is Ain 't Got The Time? Don 't Do The Crime?

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Ain’t Got the Time, Don’t Do the Crime Here at Stephen F. Austin State University, it is nearly a necessity to have the utmost pride and respect for the university, scholars, and faculty. However, there have been numerous accounts when the Community Assistants have failed to show any consideration towards anyone that goes near the front desks -- especially the students. These “assistants”, more commonly known as CA’s, obviously do not care about the students’ concerns, doing such things as rolling their eyes or scoffing at them, and even go as far as ignoring the students when asked for assistance. Their responsibilities consist of holding events in the lobby, holding events in coordination with other groups on campus, petulantly dealing with their building’s residents (including their personal conflicts), sitting at the desk all day, staring into their phones, and filing the occasional paperwork.
Unfortunately, for scared incoming freshman, opening up to the crusty CA’s can be rather intimidating. As a CA, one must have 30 hours as a student, meaning at least 30 full hours of college experience. This requirement surely may seem beneficial in becoming a CA, but it may as well be taken off, since most of their answers to the students’ questions seem to be the exact same, careless response: “I don’t know.” For incoming underclassmen, it is answers like those that really bring students’ confidence down, as well as their trust for the pessimistic aides. Certainly, there are…

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