Essay on Is A College Degree?

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A. A college degree can be a false god, in the context of most people (or Americans) who think a college degree automatically gets the person a good job that pays real well, but in reality that isn 't the case.

B. Blank puts "better" and "meaningful" in quotations because he is referring to how most people assume getting a degree means that the person will easily get a job that would be both "better" and "meaningful" than a person who doesn 't get a college degree, however, that isn 't the case at all.

C. You can conclude that even going to a "prestigous" university like Harvard can still mean you can end up having a low-paid job like driving taxi. You can also conclude college is an advertisement for getting more money through these "better jobs."

D. Blank mentions three perversions, which are: perversion of the true spirit of a university, a perversion of a humane social ethic, and literally a patent fraud.

E. The two types of fraud that Blank describes are: The first point is that depending on the economy you aren 't automatically guaranteed a "better" job and these colleges are not geared to train for such jobs. Secondly, we can question ourselves for labeling two types of work, which are worked-labeled "better" because it has a degree requirement tagged to it, and a non-degree that we assume as low level.

F. The practical curriculum is that the students must become prisoners, while the universities become servants of big businesses and government.


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