Essay on Irony And Differences Between Expectations And Reality

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say “Verbal irony is nonliteral language that makes salient a discrepancy between expectations and reality” (286). In other words this is when someone says something and they mean the opposite of what was said. A few examples of when Poe uses this type of irony is seen when Montresor tells Fortunato that they should leave the catacombs; for his health was more important than sampling the expensive wine that Montresor had told Fortunato that he had found. Another time that the reader sees this type is when Montresor asks Fortunato about his cough he replies “the cough is nothing; it will not kill me” Montresor responds saying “True-true” (3). These are verbal for that fact that Montresor could not be more worried about his health he is about to kill him, if he was concerned for his health he would have asked about it at the sight of Fortunato. His cough sounded severe enough that he would have noticed just by looking at him seeming sick. With the quote we see that he is not completely meaning the opposite, while the cough is not what technically kills him it definitely will add to the rate of speed that he will die. Another example of irony that is used often in this short story by Poe would be situational, the definition that was found to be the most workable was “A contradiction of expectation between what might be expected and what actually occurs” (the author of the website ). One of the first examples of this type is going along with…

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