Ireland Is A Mirror For Britain Essay

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In Irish history, people saw Ireland as a place of savage barbarians, when they were actually just protecting their fellow man. One example was in 1798 when the Irish rebelled against Britain trying to reform them to a mini version of England, when they just want to be their own independent country. Ireland is a mirror for Britain by how when Britain does something to Ireland, Ireland in return attacks with the same force and with Ireland taking a liking to the French because of their rules and way of life, they got a look at freedom. A historian of Ireland, Dr. A.G. Richey when talking about people over a hundred years ago today as “... a knowledge of the truth is never dangerous, though ignorance may be so; and still more so is that half knowledge of history, which enables political intriguers to influence the passions of their dupes, misleading them with garbed accounts of the past.”(Kee,15) With the Gaels arrival in Ireland, their everlasting imprint of what ‘irishness’ and their language helped formed what Ireland is today. The Bronze and Celtic Age jewellery, collars,earrings, necklaces, and Iron Age decorated weaponry, brought the ornaments of civilization in Ireland. The Gael-Irish society was known to the Romans who were in Britain at the time as ‘a society made up of lesser or greater independent tribal kingdoms living by agriculture, raiding and fighting each other for cattle and land, and forming shifting alliances among themselves in order to do…

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