Ireland During The 19th Century Essays

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During the beginning centuries in which the whole of Ireland was owned and governed by Britain, political issues were raised from the way in which Britain treated the people of Ireland and furthermore used them only to profit for the motherland of England. The British government boldly put forward governed acts against the Irish working people; these acts were established throughout the 17th century. The way in which the British government drove their proposed acts on Ireland made it harsher for the Irish people to live. These acts ensured that trade in Ireland would be able to be achieved, but only through the crowns supervision and profit. During the reign of Charles II, a chain of Navigation Acts prohibited Ireland from exporting goods to English colonies, unless they were loaded onto English ships at English ports . Ireland was reduced to a colonial status and revenue through this line of work was inherited to England shipping industry. During the same century the Cattles Acts of 1663 were established in which the Irish could no longer export livestock to England, they could not either export to foreign British colonies due to the Navigation Acts, the dependent income of exporting livestock for Irish people was completely stopped . Ireland most promising industry was woolen goods, but the Woolen Act of 1699 forbade Ireland to export any woolen goods. The result of this act forced weavers to emigrate by the thousands whilst the remaining stayed and starved. The Irish…

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