Iphone 7 Hands On Experience Research Paper

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Modern technology is at its peak in the twenty first century with a lot of advancements being made. These advancements are being made in the form of new inventions and improvements on the already existing products in the market. All these are being done in order to best meet the customers ' demands. Competition between major technological industries is the main reason why the current computer technology market has a lot of newly advanced products. Among these are the iphone 7 hands on experience.

In order to understand this amazing commodity more, a general understanding of what an iphone is will be very essential. An iphone is a type of a smartphone. They are made exclusively by the Apple. A typical iphone constitutes personal assistant tablet,
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The iphone 7 hands on experience all have internal memory capacities but this depends on the version. Some have an internal memory capacity of 32 GB while others have 128/256 GB RAM. When it comes to the camera capabilities, the iphone 7 hands on experience have a camera capability of 12 MP with face detection autofocus ability and dual tone.

The iphone 7 hands on experience also have a 4k video focus with a touch focus, HDR, Geo-tagging and 8MP image recording. The video as recorded or taken by the iphone 7 hands on experience depends on the quality. There are those with a video quality of up to 720p@240fps, 2160p@30fps and so on. The phone also has various sounds for the alerts ranging from proprietary ringtones to vibrations. On top of this is that the phone has loud speakers which are enhanced with stereo speakers.

Its Bluetooth ability is up to A2DP, LE and v4.2. The iphone 7 hands on experience have the messaging applications just like any other usual phone and this is one of the reasons that make it look just like an ordinary smart phone. However, unlike many other phones, this one has the advanced version of the SMS in that it uses the threaded view. These features combined with MMS, Email and push Email makes it the best brand in the smart phone
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It also uses the HTML5 (safari) for its browser option. It does not support the application java.

Advantages over Androids

The phone has better looks than the android phones. This is in terms of the various colors that are compatible with it. Besides, the phone also has a better made body compared to most android phones. Its phones applications are way faster than those of their android counterparts. New applications and the most recent games in the computer industry all come to the iphone first before being consumed through the androids. As much as androids also have applications that are only secluded for such, the iphone has more of these secluded applications than the androids will ever have.

The iphone 7 hands on experience offers faster mobile updates than any other phone. This is because they are connected first hand with all the updates sites such as Google, chrome and Bing so that whenever these updates are made online, the iphone becomes the first one to receive

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