Garner Ethical Dilemmas

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A recent newsworthy issue that is shocking people all over is the decision for the chokehold homicide of Eric Garner in Staten Island, New York. The grand jury decided not to indict officer Daniel Pantaleo of the NYPD. This decision left people all over New York and in many other states outraged. Many people have lost faith in our Criminal Justice System. The grand jury 's refusal to indict the cop raises many important questions. In this case, justice is not being served at all. Although Eric Garner was committing a crime, it was unwarranted for the cop to use a choke hold on him while trying to detain him. Daniel Pantaleo exerted excessive force and it was all caught on camera. About 20 years ago, the NYPD banned the chokehold. In …show more content…
In every case, the African American criminals are seen as victims. Even when law enforcement was right and acted justifiably, they are still lashed out against just because of the color difference. It is said to see that ignorant people are listening to the media and “leaders”, who are in fact misguiding them. News sources all over have even brought up slavery just to see sparks fly between both races. Both races have been living in peace for many years and it would be sad to see society reverse time. This hatred for one another will not stop until people start realizing that police brutality is not a race issue, it is just a fault in the system. The only problem here is ignorant people that believe everything the news says, cops who are doing their job incorrectly, and people committing hate crimes on people who were not even involved in this case just because of their skin color. Many African Americans and other minority groups would agree with outsider jurisprudence for the Garner case. They would also oppose the Critical Race Theory, which creates the assumption that white supremacy has shaped all of our laws which act against people of color. What is wrong with this theory and anyone who believes in it is that this will never help racial healing. Racial healing started once slavery was abolished and African Americans were given equal rights. This view only sets us back in time and ultimately hurts our

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