Investigation of Magnetic Fields by Search Coil Essay

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Physics Lab Report – C15 Title: Investigation of magnetic fields by search coil Objective: To use a search coil and a CRO to investigate the magnetic fields generated by alternating currents through a straight wire and a slinky solenoid. Apparatus: |Search coil 1 |Slinky solenoid 1 | |CRO 1

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The stretched length of the solenoid is 1 m.

11. The signal generator was turned on and was set to 0.5A and 5kHz.

12. The search coil was placed at the centre of the solenoid. Make sure that the search coil was perpendicular to the solenoid. The variation of induced e.m.f. was shown on the CRO.

13. Step 12 was repeated with placing the search coil at the end of the solenoid, across its cross-section and along its length.

14. The search coil was placed at the centre of the solenoid again. The time base of the CRO was switched off. The length of the vertical trace shown on the CRO was recorded, which represents the induced peak-to-peak e.m.f.(V) in the search coil and also the magnetic field around the solenoid.

15. Step 14 was repeated with the other values of currents (I) from the signal generator in steps of 0.1A. The results were tabulated.

16. A graph of the induced e.m.f.(V) against the current (I) was plotted.

17. Step 14 was repeated with the other stretched lengths (l) of the solenoid. The space between coils must be even. The results were tabulated.

18. A graph of the induced e.m.f.(V) against the reciprocal of the stretched length of the solenoid(1/l ) was plotted.


A. Magnetic field around straight wire

|Current I/A |0 |0.1 |0.2 |0.3 |0.4 |0.5 |

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