Investigating The Crime Scene Investigation Essay

1470 Words Nov 26th, 2016 6 Pages
Protecting the integrity of crime scene investigations is of the utmost importance to investigators, courts, potential suspects, and those impacted by the crime itself. There are many components of crime scene investigation and each is critical to ensuring accurate evidence is gathered from the scene. This paper will discuss the steps in the crime scene investigation process, the different types of investigations for different types of crimes, and finally see the process in action in the form of a case study where crime scene evidence was instrumental in ensuring the correct individual was held accountable for the crime committed against two teenage girls. During crime scene investigation, it is critical to preserve the integrity of the scene. According to the FBI, there are five main sections to the crime scene investigation process, with each section having several subsections. To begin, the initial step is to arrive at the scene and prioritize the efforts of the investigators. This consists of receiving the information from those already at the scene, implementing safety procedures, and beginning emergency care for those on the scene. It’s also critical to secure and control the people at the scene at the time of arrival, and to begin establishing boundaries. In the way of boundaries, it is important to identify, establish, protect, and secure them to maintain the integrity of the scene. Eventually the first responders will turn over control of the scene and brief the…

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