Investigating An Organizational Structure Of Duke University Essay

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I am going to investigate an organizational structure of Duke University. The university is a private research university located in Durham, North Carolina, United States. As an institution, their core function is to give appropriate education to students who study there.
What is interesting about the university is that one of the two of undergraduate academic paths is engineering, which means that they are mainly focused on exploration of engineering fields and career tracks. (Duke Undergraduate Admissions)
The Facilities Management Department manages and maintenances all of the campus facilities, most services (except custodial services in dorms and medical buildings), does project planning, design, renovation and construction for the university. Duke’s facilities are professionally supervised by the Facilities Management Department to keep university not only safe, clean and modern, but also sustainable. The Department provides different technologies to keep up with the times. Directly different facilities operations are supervised by Steve Palumbo, who is director of Facility Operations. The Facilities Management department is led by Vice President of Facilities John Noonan. Vice President of Facilities reports to Executive Vice President of Duke University. The Organization Chart, which I made below, shows the relations in the department. (University Facilities Management: Contact Us)
All of the below mentioned services are parts of the Facilities Management…

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