Essay about Introduction to Sport, Fitness and Coaching

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Introduction to Sport, fitness and management

In this assignment I will be introducing myself and my motivation for enrolling on module E122. Primarily I will be looking at the differences between sport, recreation and physical activity. I will look at how we can define these categories which I will do by looking at examples of each activity and then explaining which category they fall into, as well as demonstrating how these activities can overlap between categories. Furthermore, I will look specifically into one activity analysing the scientific, economic and management changes that have occurred in recent years and the effects these have had. (on what?)

My name is George, I am 24 years old and from being a school leaver until
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pitch dimensions, offside rule and score keeping, thus eliminating the competitive element of the Sport. In this form, football then vicissitudes from being within a “sport” to being within “recreation” due to the particular difference that the environment has created.
This is shown by Green. M (2008, p13) ‘there is no competitive element, people set their own goals and determine what counts as success or failure.’
Football could also always be considered a “physical activity” as participating in the activity would guarantee to increase the heart rate of the participant.
The second activity I am going to look at is skateboarding. Whilst not an overly popular activity in the UK and considered to be participated by a minority of extreme sports enthusiasts, this contrasts largely in the USA where skateboarding has a far bigger culture and is carried out by millions as a social and recreational activity. Most participants will engage in the activity as a hobby or a pass time, there is no formal structure, rules to follow, governing body to adhere to and the main aim is to have fun and relaxation.
I still feel however that the activity of skateboarding can fall into the category of Sport. I draw to this conclusion due to the fact that there are professional athletes who participate in regular events that come under a national and international governing body. The

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