Introduction And Motivation For Addressing Issue Essays

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Introduction and Motivation for Addressing Issue
A difficult challenge being seen globally—and that has deep impacts on businesses and societies around the world—is how carbon and greenhouse gas emissions are becoming contentious issues in both developed and developing countries. Businesses and societies around the world are finding a need to balance their carbon and greenhouse gas emissions and their business growth. The fundamental challenge, especially for a country that is somewhat developed but not one of the most developed countries, like Mexico, is that the results of these efforts have shared environmental benefits for both developed and developing countries—but these efforts have disproportionate consequences for developing countries when developing countries are compared to wealthy developed countries (Zhang 2011). From the vantage point of a country like Mexico, the most successful economies of the world have generated a great deal of carbon and greenhouse gas emissions in order to build their manufacturing and industrial capacities (Zhang 2011). Now, other countries that are hoping to have similar industrial growth are being asked to put in place environmental restrictions that were not in place when countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, or the People’s Republic of China had periods of development. In general, businesses want as few restrictions as possible and societies want their environments to be stable enough that no one has to get sick or…

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