Into The Wild Response : Chris Mccandless Essay

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Into The Wild Response After graduating with his Bachelor’s Degree from Emory University, Chris McCandless donated all his savings, and abandoned his car and other possessions, and deserted his family to embark on a journey of self discovery where he was apart from society. Chris interacts with society in a very interesting way which might differ from his fellow graduates. Throughout the film, until he reaches Alaska, Chris interacts with various kinds of people in different ways. Chris also perceives culture in a unique perspective that likely isn’t similar to his fellow graduates. Throughout all these interactions Chris is able to grow and learn more about the world in respects to the different cultures in it. Counterculture can be defined as a group or individual who strongly reject dominant societal values and norms to seek alternative lifestyles. Chris rejects some aspects of society and considers them to be bad. One societal value that Chris rejects is that the more possessions and money you have the happier you are. Chris donates all his money and abandons most of his possessions except the ones he needs in order to be free from the viewpoint that having more stuff makes you happier. Another societal value Chris rejects is the idea that you must have a career. The last man Chris spent time with before he went to Alaska asked him what career aspirations he had and why he was living out in the dirt. Chris politely told the man that careers were a twentieth century…

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