Interview And Reflection On The Dean Of The College Of Arts Essay

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Gaining more knowledge about a position that I aspire to work in the near future from an individual holding the actual position is a great experience. The office of the dean of the college of arts and sciences of a Midwestern public University seems to be like any regular office. However, around campus, not all offices are filled with documents that barely leave an empty spot on the desk. Also, the walls have many different pictures and articles about the different parts the world. Moreover, the only window of the congested looking room is blocked by a pot of flowers, which look well maintained. Nevertheless, the willingness to sit down for an interview in order to enlighten me about the work of a dean is the most important and appreciated.
The dean of the college of arts is somebody that I have been in contact with many times before for academic reasons. Therefore, when I asked for an interview about the dean position, it was greatly welcomed. Most importantly, it was a great opportunity to learn about a position that I am clueless about. At the end of the interview, I felt that it was worth it. Lastly, this lengthy interview, which had to be condensed, was summarized in my own words.
Summarize questions in paragraph form
The dean reports to the provost and oversees student life affairs and university academic and non-academic matters. The deans’ work is also to articulate the university’s policy and procedures to…

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