Intervention ( Rti ) During The Public School System Essay

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Purpose For my research paper, I have chosen to write about Response to Intervention (RTI) in pre-kindergarten. I became interested in Response to Intervention when I started working with Head Start within the public school system in my city. Throughout my years in the Head Start Program I have worked with many students. The Response to Intervention framework has made me wonder how academics would be differentiated for these children, when our educational system is being scrutinized for students lagging behind with academic test scores. There have been many initiatives put in place to close the academic gap. One initiative that I am very passionate about is Response to Intervention. As a future teacher, I will have students that are developmentally diverse and it will be my responsibility to provide interventions to help them “catch” up to their peers I plan to work with children between the ages of three to five years old. When working with students in this age group it will be very important for me to know and understand the Response to Intervention Process, the benefits of this process, and how to identify students with developmental delay so that I can provide the correct RTI interventions for them.
Thesis Statement As an early childhood professional it is important to understand the RTI process, benefits of RTI, and identify preschool pre-kindergarten students that would receive interventions for developmental delays.
Focus Questions
1. What is the Process…

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