Interpretation Of Paul 's Letters Response Essay

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NT2200-Week Five-Interpretation of Paul 's letters Response
During the early church, Paul’s influence was overwhelming and impacted many religions, even those who preached another gospel such as the Gnostics. The Gnostics did not believe Christ was a man or that God would fashion Himself in the flesh. They taught that “salvation comes by renewing of the mind” and used Paul’s writings to justify their false and heretic teaching.
According to Capes, Reeves, & Richards (2007), “Irenaeus (c. A.D. 180) countered these “heresies” not by dismissing Paul but rather by referencing him, using passages like . . . to prove that Christ was a man . . . By his obedient life and death, Jesus proved to be the one and only Son of God when he was raised from the dead” (p. 295).
Origin was influenced by Paul’s teachings and through his misinterpretation of them paved the way for universalism which believed even Satan and his demons would be redeemed because of the work of Christ, full of grace and mercy. Augustine was influenced by Paul’s teachings and believed that Paul was teaching sin was passed down among men biologically which was not what Paul believed or taught. Men during the early church age took a little truth and twisted it to their own understanding and mislead all who heard their teaching. Capes, Reeves, & Richards (2007) stated, “Origen and Augustine quoted Paul with the same authority as the Gospels” (p. 297). As the church age continued to progress from one stage to…

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