Essay about Interpersonal Relationships Of A Buddhist Study Group

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The purpose of the present study is to explore the interpersonal relationships of the members in a Buddhist study group. The study used qualitative methods to investigate this research question. A total of six hours and forty-two minutes were dedicated to gathering data; this included five hours and twenty-five minutes of observation and one hour and twenty-one minutes of interview. Data was collected through two periods of observations and three semi-structured interviews; both were conducted at the Buddhist temple. The interviews identified what types of relationships have been formed, and both observations and interviews revealed how the members interacted with one another. According to the data, the relationship formed between the members of the study group was “friends.” There are four emerging themes. These themes include openness, compassion and care, and support.
One recurring theme that emerged was the importance of openness. Based on observations and interviews, members of the study group consistently endorsed the idea of being open. They recognized that disclosure of (personal) information about oneself is a common characteristic shared among their members. At the second observation period, Member D was advised by a fellow member to ask questions and to encourage participation during lectures to create an accepting and interactive environment. It was noted in the interviews that members often “share a lot of personal experiences” relevant to the life…

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