Interpersonal Relationship and High Self-monitors Essay

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Self-Monitoring and Dating
Courtney Borovskis
Ramapo College of New Jersey

Change is inevitable and we as a society can do nothing to alter this from happening. From what is popular among the different generations to the different hairstyles and clothing options. We are always evolving as a society, except for one aspect in our lives. No matter what generation we were born into and how old we as a society are expected to follow the social norm ultimately finding his or her spouse and end in a committed relationship. Relationships are a huge topic today in researching socially how society acts. Constantly asking how do we find this one special person? There have been numerous experiments and researchers who have taken the time to
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They go on to say and conclude through their findings that self-monitoring is the strongest and most consistent answer to the misrepresentation in dating (Hall, Jeffrey A., Park, Namkee., Song, Hayeon., Cody, Michael). Melinda Jones of the University of Pittsburgh ran a study including 231undergraduates to conduct her study. Her findings completely backed up the theory set forth by Jeffrey Hall, Namkee Park, Hayeon Song, and Michael Cody. Jones conducted two separate studies each one focusing on it’s own specific topic, whether it be high self-monitors or low self-monitors. (Jones, Melinda). The works of these four separate studies though all conducted at different times and in different ways finalized with very similar results. Are they are all in conjunction with the theories proposed in or target article by Mark Snyder and Jeffry Simpson. A common theme among our society is that everyone is on a constant search for that significant other. And found in each one of these studies it is proven that there are two separate categories when looking at the way people find this other person. Through numerous experiments and hundreds or undergraduate participants we can conclude members of society will either fall into a high self-monitoring category or a low self-monitoring category both showing very different characteristics. Through reading numerous articles and evidence dealing with self-monitoring and

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