Interpersonal Competence And Self Disclosure Essay

798 Words Oct 26th, 2015 4 Pages
Interpersonal competence gives someone the knowledge to choose the correct way to communicate in the appropriate situations (McCornack,21). Since writing my journals and expanding my knowledge on communication, I have learned how to better communicate in different situations. Three things that writing my journals have helped me better understand is self disclosure, perception, and Self disclosure is when someone shares private information with another person (McCornack, 63). Through writing my journals and learning interpersonal competence, I have learned self-disclosing is not always a good thing. My journals have taught me a way to professionally self-disclose with my professor, in an appropriate way for him or her to get to know me. This has helped improved my interpersonal competence by teaching me that I can disclose enough for my professor to get to know me without disclosing everything about my self. Another lesson I have learned is if you are disclosing with someone and they do not disclose with you, then that is not someone who you should disclose with. Writing in my journal and sharing it with my professor has shown me that since we, the students, are disclosing with her through are journals; she is disclosing with us through her stories she tells. For example, in my journal I self-disclosed about going through the emotional journey of my grandmother’s cancer, and that day in class my professor disclosed about when her mother passed away. Through all of this,…

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